Trends in bedroom curtains


The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the home, where we spend the most relaxing moments and the place chosen to dream.

It is essential to combine well the colours chosen for the decoration, avoiding dark tones to transmit tranquillity and peace at the moment of going to sleep.


Opt for neutral tones

The best option so that the curtains or blinds are not the differentiating element of the room is to choose neutral colours, such as white, beige and grey. It will help to offer spaces with more elegant aspects. Remember that neutral and classic colours never go out of fashion, they are ideal for different combinations and styles.


Take a risk with bold colours

If, on the other hand, you like to have elements that stand out, you can achieve that special touch with curtains.

For example, if your room is governed by neutral colours such as grey and beige, you can include a curtain in a striking colour, inspired by current trends such as pursuing the perfect PANTONE tone. In addition, you can always combine it with a matching decorative element.


At MASA we are committed to quality materials and we currently collaborate with Cortinadecor, a company focused on curtains, blinds and everything you need so that the outside light is not a problem inside your home.

The different materials chosen by Cortinadecor specifically for our homes, can be adapted to the taste of each client to customize it completely.