Rock Wool Isolation, high quality partitions


When purchasing a property is very important to know what type of isolation and quality in terms of the construction and the finishes. That is a very fundamental question, cold / heat or sound isolations are factors that will affect in our future comfort. 

Currently, Masa builds our houses with rock wool, an innovative material that provides an extra insulation with huge advantages.

Do you know what it is?

Rock wool, belonging to the mineral wools family, it is a material made from the volcanic rock, that comes from the fusion of the rocks and sand.

What are its advantages?​

Rockwool stone wool has an open fibrous structure making it ideal for absorbing and regulating noise; It stops the movement of air particles and dissipates sound energy used as acoustic barrier to avoid excessive eco effects. Furthermore, it contains dry and stable air inside so it acts as a barrier against low and high temperatures. This is a non- combustible material.

  • Wind chill temperature more stable so you will have reductions in energy bills.
  • It eliminates the cold surface effect. Cold bedrooms will heat up faster, reducing the risk of internal condensations, which helps to relieve allergic symptoms.
  • This enables you to install a smaller and economic boiler due to energy savings. This point adds value to your home in case of sale or rent.
  • It improves sound insulation.
  • The fact that it is a non-combustible material provides you security in case of fire.