Why choose Aerothermal Energy in your house?


Within the renewable energies that can be applied in a home the aerothermic installation is becoming an increasingly common alternative for new constructions. Our homes in Gran Alacant , Santa Pola are equipped with water heaters with this clean energy system . It is a source of ecological and economical energy that increasingly is becoming more popular and demanded.

Both hot water intakes of housing, such as those used for washing machine and dishwasher are connected to the water heater, which permits greater energy savings and money. 

How does it work?

This power generation system absorbs energy from the surrounding air through a high performance heat pump, turning it into energy to cover the demand for heating, cooling and hot water in the house.
It is a source of clean, economic and inexhaustible energy.

In this video, provided by Groupe Atlantic Spain, explains in simple terms how it works.


How much can we save?

Aerothermal energy has a very high performance. As we can see the in chart below, up to 75 % of this energy comes from this renewable and clean source, the remaining 25 % is the small percentage of electrical power required for the proper functioning of the system.

By using only 25% of electricity this enables us to reduce energy consumption and significantly greater savings in electricity bills and obtain the maximum energy efficiency.


 Benefits of Aerothermal heating

 – Economic savings, being able to get savings up to 75 % on the electricity bill.
– Natural, non-polluting, renewable and inexhaustible energy.
– More space in your house, this water heater do not use a fuel that must be stored. 
– Installation process and commissioning easy and safe way.
– Less maintenance than other power generators.
– It does not generate gases or residues as no combustion occurs.
– Aerothermal energy versus Solar energy; the first one generates power even on cloudy days.

Currently, Masa propose houses that minimize the environmental impact and contribute to sustainable development.

Protecting the environment using this renewable energy and other initiatives are our major corporate objectives.