The 60-30-10 technique


Often, the decoration of the house raises doubts when choosing the main color of walls, floors or even furniture. Currently there is a trend that hundreds of decorators are carrying out and coming from our MASA blog we recommend to use. This is the 60-30-10 technique.

What is the 60-30-10 technique?

It is adjusting the color, to its just measure. Three basic steps should be followed:

1 – Choose a dominant color that occupies 60% of the space.

This color draws the eyes attention and must also be present in the middle of the elements of the room. Normally neutral colors are used – white, beige, gray – for the walls, as they provide amplitude and luminosity.

2- Select a secondary color that occupies 30% of the surface.

It is suitable for:




-One of the walls of the room

It is advisable that the chosen color match the dominant color.

3- Choose a color that occupies the 10%.

This color is suitable for home accessories, whether they are cushions, pictures or vases; this is where the last touch of color is given. In this way, it is easier to follow the latest decorative trends.

Our homes built in the Monte y Mar urbanization, offer the possibility of personalizing up to the smallest detail, including the chromatic variety or spaces, according to the needs of each of our clients, making each house unique and exclusive.

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