Sustainability in your home during the summer


The summer season means increasing the consumption of electricity due to high temperatures, which in some cases means continued use of air conditioning, increased water consumption and the increase in the power of some appliances. With a few simple tips, we can avoid the waste of water and energy and contribute to the sustainability of consumption from home.

Take advantage of the hours of natural light
At this time of the year the days are longer. That is why we will need less artificial light, but if we also take advantage of the hours of natural light for tasks such as studying or navigating in front of the computer, we will avoid turning on lights.

Avoid watering the plants during high temperature hours
It is convenient to choose night hours to water the plant in the garden, we will reduce the consumption of water and the plants will appreciate it. They will absorb moisture slowly and will not be burned by the sun's rays.

Turn off the "stand by" mode
Most appliances have the "stand by" function, but it does not mean that they are off. They continue to consume energy, to avoid producing the known phantom consumption, we must ensure that they are completely turned off.

Change the bulbs by LED
As we have been saying in other entries, the use of LED bulbs ensures that energy consumption is reduced, they are more durable and above all, they are sustainable.

Controlled use of air conditioning
The best thing is to maintain a temperature of between 24ºC and 26ºC in order to spend less energy while we cool down. It is important that the device has a thermostat to control temperatures. Air filters should be cleaned periodically and periodic reviews of refrigeration systems should be carried out; We will avoid breakdowns and spend less money.

From MASA we think about sustainable construction, making houses acclimated with insulating materials in the construction of our homes in Monte y Mar, we implement energy saving measures. With these tips, we contribute together to improve the environment.