Renewed aerothermia devise for new properties


​Masa continuously looks for the latest developments in the sector, thus guaranteeing the improvement of our services in new construction. In recent years, we chose to install an aerothermal device in all houses as a renewable energy system.

The aerothermia boiler is characterized by the saving of hot water for the owner. It works by absorbing the energy from the air around the house, through a high-performance heat pump, converting it into energy to meet the demand for hot water in the house. In the new houses in Monte y Mar, an aerothermal device will be available with great advantages that we will reveal below.

  • Greater energy efficiency – It is an A ++ device, its electricity consumption is only 700w.
  • It has a smaller size
  • It has WiFi connectivity – The connection via WiFi is used to activate or deactivate the device; select water temperature; program and select different temperatures at different times; In case of failure, the app, -Ariston Aquanet available for iOS and Android-, transfers the message directly to the technical service with all the information.
  • It does not need maintenance. It has less sensitivity to lime and water – It has an electronic piece that does not need replacement and is much more effective with water of great quantity of limestone that of the Levante area.
  • The gas used in the refrigeration line is ecological – In case of leakage, it has no impact on the ozone layer, therefore, it produces lower CO2 emissions.
  • It is almost soundless – The unit emmits less sound than an air conditioning machine

It is a completely safe and renewable energy device, with reduced maintenance compared to other systems.  The installation of the machinery is now integrated in all our newly built houses, a great energy saving to the house monthly.