Home flooring: oak laminate?


The materials of the house are a factor that we take into account in MASA. Each home can be different, depending on the chosen typology and the finishes. One of the most complex choices when decorating the home is to get the flooring right, a fundamental element.

In this post we elaborate on the existing options when the chosen finish is laminated flooring. It is a clean material that does not require excessive care and can be placed in almost the entire house, except in the most humid areas such as bathrooms, where its use is not recommended.

Among the options we offer and one of the most chosen by our customers, is oak, in all its shades. For many people, an oak floor means quality and comfort. Among the variety of tones that can be chosen, there are several possibilities; from the most rustic character to timeless elegance, passing through designs of great character.

What characteristics do laminate floors have?

– Variety of color and shape

– Resistant to wear and protection against stains, impacts, scratches, burns and household chemicals.

– Finished with melamine resin.

– Durable, stable and resistant to moisture.

Personalizing homes is one of our objectives which we are working on in the recent years. Each client is different and we want each home to be different. That is why our newly constructed homes, built in the Monte y Mar urbanization, have a wide range of options that can be customized easily and dynamically with the help of the MASA staff. The choice of materials, such as the type of floor, is just one of the possibilities of personalization that we offer.