Enhance your house with a solarium 365 days a year


On the Mediterranean coast we love to enjoy our mild weather we have in the area all year round. Some of our houses have a solarium, an additional area where you can enjoy sun and shade outdoors according to the preferences of each one all year around.

It is an ideal space that only offers positive aspects to the home. You can take advantage of it and have a private oasis on the top floor of the house. Here are some guidelines that we hope will be interesting when choosing your next home. 

Do you know which orientation of the house suits you best?

The north and northeast orientations are those that receive the least hours of sunshine, also the least heat- they suit best with extreme climates, such as southern Spain.

The east orientation has sun from morning until noon.

The west orientation has midday sun until sunset, the hottest for the summer.

The south orientation is the one that receives more sun, heat and light.

The southeast orientation receives sunlight all year round, from dawn to noon.

The southwest orientation receives sunlight all year, from noon to sunset.

An idea that draw our attention is the installation of water devices on the terrace. It is a very attractive element for the use of a solar shower, to be able to cool off in high temperature seasons. Our recommendation is the installation of air conditioners that humidify the environment and can lower the temperature up to 10 degrees.

If you do not know which plants are the most recommended for spaces with lot of  sunshine, we have some recommendations below.

What plants should I choose for my solarium?

  • Climbing plants. They are characterized by creating green walls that protect the space from the sun and the wind.
  • Coniferous hedges, cypresses, 
  • Bushes in pots.
  • Aromatic plants. They are resilient and can be grown in pots and change them according to the season of the year.

It is common to think about what furniture to choose, or the kind of flooring. Among our recommendations, we choose the floor that best adapts to high temperatures.

We like decorative wooden furniture too. It also gives a more tropical touch to the solarium area adding artificial grass or wood on the ground. Add some palm trees and it will look like a totally different terrace

In our new built houses we always give extra finishing touch depending on the taste of each customer. If you have doubts, you can ask our sales team and have some advice for the idea you have in mind and  take advantage of your solarium terrace 365 days a year.