Winter, what plants should I choose for this season?


In winter the plants are weakened by the arrival of cold, there are some that resist more than others and that is due to the different characteristics they present, their maintenance and the needs that each plant requires during the season. According to the needs, depends if it is for indoor or garden or pot plants, we will have to take into account a series of recommendations and proper care.

Recommendations for indoor plants

The appropriate humidity level must be well maintained, moving the plants away from main heating sources. They should have light, but not adjacent to windows.

If you place containers with water, you can counteract the environmental dryness and help maintain the humidity of the plant.

Recommendations for outdoor plants

When temperatures are very low, to prevent the plant from freezing, it is advisable to reduce irrigation. In addition, excess water can damage the roots.

It is recommended to place the plants in pots near walls or between bushes, to provide protection.

What type of plant is recommended for winter?

The dracena is very appropriate for outdoors, especially in a garden located facing south.

The primrose has a bloom from mid-winter to early spring.

The garden pansy is an exterior plant and bloom during the winter. They hold frost and humidity very well.

The snapdragon is a plant that can reach two meters in height, it is also edible.


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