Which will be the changes in the houses from now on?


During these last months we have experienced a series of events that changed our lives and  made us see the current perspective in a different way and above all, the way we live our day to day in our homes.

It has been an exceptional change, where we have seen our lives completely immersed in the home, changing rooms and making them comfortable where we can spend as much time as possible in the most comfortable and welcoming way.

It is for this reason that decorative changes and new trends in the sector are beginning to be noticed. In the same way, spaces are enabled in the house to spend more time with guests, whether they are friends or family.

Use of open spaces

At MASA we think about new successful trends such as open and airy spaces, where the kitchen and living room are unified, avoiding walls to favor social gatherings at home.

Use of outdoor spaces

We are aware of the importance given in Spain to outdoor terraces and patios, but currently they are going to play an even more important role.  Terraces and swimming pools will be essential in any plot where you can install one and enjoy the outdoors.


House automation

Home automation has been a discovery during these months, it has definitely come to stay.

Smart homes provide systems and facilities that allow their management and control in an automated way, to achieve increased energy efficiency.

The use and distribution of houses from now on will change, and new habits and lifestyles will be established that will make us spend more time in them. From MASA as always, we take into account the latest advances to equip our houses.