What is the aerator that is installed in the windows of your new house?


Living near the beach has great advantages and to make our daily life in the house more comfortable it is convenient to take into account some factors. One of them is to avoid moisture by condensation that may happen in houses near the sea, in which the humidity   outside the house is higher than inside.


¿What is moisture by condensation?

It is a characteristic element on coastal areas. Inside the house, water vapor that is contained in the air becomes liquid when it comes into contact with a cold surface. it takes place when inside the temperature is higher than outside. This phenomenon may happen in all the houses but especially in those for holiday use, as they are closed for a long period of time and without natural ventilation.


¿How can we avoid moisture by condensation?

We can avoid condensation by installing aerators in all the windows. This prevents condensation from causing damage in the interior of the house.

The aerators can be placed in the frame of windows. The aerator has an internal mechanism to prevent moisture from accumulating in the house.

 In addition, the opening and closing system is automatic, so no handling is necessary, the aerator opens and closes when house needs more ventilation.


¿Is the aerator included in MASA's new construction homes?

The aerator is installed in all windows of new construction houses (except for the bathrooms) that we build today. In MASA we always try to improve our environmental commitment, proof of this is the improvement in the energy efficiency of all our constructions compared to previous ones.