What do we play with children these days at home?


Now that we are all at home for a period of time that is not usual, it is important to manage the daily routine well, especially if there are children of different ages at home. Among our recommendations, we want to classify the activities weekly, and create an incentive in the family and to cross off the list when each day ends and the activities are completed.

They should include the exercises that come directed from the school at first, and later, to offer the kids a wide range of leisure activities beyond screens and video games. We propose some ideas that will make you to discover new ones.

Watercolors workshop

You can find different drawings by browsing online to print and to color them. It is an entertaining activity that will enhance your creativity.

Plasticine or clay workshop

They are essential items when they are small, being careful not to stain the walls or the sofa! You can propose them to create figurines to play with.

Family tree

An activity to do with them can be the development of the family tree. The main idea is to draw and paint it, and then make a video call with the family to show it to them. The satisfaction of the children after seeing the surprise of others will be priceless!

Set a nice table

At the weekend you can offer them to set the table, with care and dedication, making them participate in the moment before lunch or dinner. And if you dare you can even cook a recipe!

Make up a song

Do you like singing? You can pick up your favorite songs and play to change words, doing your own karaoke… laughter is guaranteed!

And if you also need more ideas to make your days more entertaining, you can find everything you need in this link.