What countertop works best in your kitchen


The houses we build in the Monte y Mar urbanization have a particularity about them, they can be customized according to the characteristics that the owner wishes. Due to its interior design, each house can be unique. One of the most customizable rooms is the kitchen, where you can choose the color of cabinets and countertop, type of floor and faucet.

The area that has most use in the kitchen is the workbench, better known as the countertop, with many combinations. The material chosen for the countertop in our new construction homes is compact quartz.


What shades are offered in compact quartz

There is a wide range of colors in this material. The most demanded tones are neutral and clear. 

The finish can be polished, – completely smooth – or flamed, – rough – if you want to avoid reflections.


At the time of the selection of materials and personalization of the new construction housing in the urbanization Monte y Mar, the client has the help of the staff of MASA, so that the process is simple and favorable.