Tips to save energy during the isolation


Due to the current situation we are experiencing in which we must stay longer than usual at home , one of our new concerns is the next electricity bill. One of the most difficult tasks is saving energy considering that we need many more hours of daylight at home than in our normal lives, right? Today we want to give you some guidelines to avoid energy waste and implement efficient measures on a day-to-day basis. 

In previous blog posts, we have recommended tips for choosing more efficient household appliances, replacing conventional light bulbs with LED bulbs or how to improve thermal insulation in windows. Additionally you can put into practice some simple tips like the following.  They are simple habits and very easy to put into practice by the whole family.

Use the heat of the oven.  Cooking is one of the main options among families. Take advantage when you cook in the oven and use the heat for the next cooking.

Turn off the electricity at night. It is a habit that very few people carry out. At night, energy can be saved by turning off the main socket’ where we plug in different cables, chargers, and appliances that don't necessarily need to be running.

Avoid leaving the TV on standby. At night, you can save electricity by turning off the television entirely. 

Avoid opening the fridge constantly. It is known that each time we open and close the refrigerator, energy consumption increases due to the need to recover the cold lost during opening. It is advisable to plan before opening what things we will need and try to do everything at once. Likewise, when we come from the shopping and we need to introduce all the perishable foods that need cold, it is better to leave them all together out of the fridge and when they are all classified, open the refrigerator once and introduce them. 

Cold water instead of hot. Although we are not yet in a time to shower with cold water, it is advisable not to use too much hot water, whether we have an electric heater or one of butane or gas. As much as possible, we can avoid hot water; to wash dishes, clean, mop floors.

Continue with the usual schedule for using large appliances. If you have an established schedule in your regular electricity rate to reduce spending, continue with it as much as possible. Take advantage to continue the same routine that days ago and you will see the difference in the next bill.

Read and exercise in spaces with natural light. It is one of the best ways to save electricity. Find the best time to activate your body and take advantage of natural light in one of the windows,  you will feel better, guaranteed! 

You will be able to make the difference in the next bill with these simple tips. It is an easy task that cost nothing . Changing  your habits  will reduce the cost of your bills easily.