Tips to decorate the table on the last day of the year


It ends a year full of good times, where the most special night of the year fills with joy and participants at the table. An important date to have everything prepared and according to the occasion.

With these tips, the table during the New Year's Eve dinner will shine the whole evening.



With the incorporation of candles, or through luminous garlands, the ambient light will give a sophisticated touch to the decoration of the table. A great bet is the natural ambient light, many are the decorative modalities to choose from: carry Christmas candles to introduce them, with a simple lower support that separates them from direct contact with the table or with a more elegant touch, through chandeliers.

Plants and nature

Taking advantage of everything that nature offers us can give more decorative possibilities than you can imagine. Sprigs of pine or spruce, pineapples, nuts, chestnuts, eucalyptus, cotton … there are countless options to have a natural decoration on the table.


DIY decoration

The details made by oneself always contribute an extra to any decoration, and more on such marked dates. A garland of stars in black and gold tones will be the perfect ally for the last night of the year.
From MASA we propose these ideas, so that the Christmas decoration inside the house is more bearable and with alternatives and proposals to surprise our guests. We wish that this beginning of the year is full of great moments like those we left in 2018.

Happy New Year!