Tips for decorating the terrace in spring


With the arrival of spring, it is time to start preparing the outdoor areas of the home to enjoy the outdoor terraces. To do this, it is essential to have the terraces and balconies well conditioned. To make the most of the good weather and mix the latest trends that are here to stay, here are some decorative tips.


Natural wood furniture

Wooden furniture, in its most natural version, avoids hiding the wood’s own grain and roughness. In this way, the furniture is given more prominence on the terrace.


Plant fibre accessories

The latest decorative trend is to use accessories made of plant fibres, such as wicker, rattan or jute. In addition to offering an original and pleasant decorative touch, as they are made of plant fibres and are light, they are ideal for better air circulation.


Organic cotton textiles

Fabrics made from organic cotton bring a comfortable style to any terrace. They can be used in tablecloths, napkins, sofa pillows, covers, sheets for breezy evenings or curtains leading out onto the terrace.


Clean, neutral colours

One thing we should all know is that white never goes out of fashion. By choosing this colour and its various shades, beige, greyish, sky blue and earthy tones, the terrace can always look in line with the latest trends.

All the tips combined with a mixture of vegetation and lighting for the evenings, give spaciousness to the terraces.

In our constructions in Monte y Mar, all the houses have a terrace or garden. They are pleasant rooms, where the space is used to stay outdoors until the weather permits. For this reason, it is essential to highlight the first-class quality of MASA’s new-build homes. Thanks to the materials chosen for the construction of each room, the decoration by our customers is always a success.