The most sold shower screens


One of the most important rooms in a house is the bathroom, a place where you must choose carefully the materials and finishes. Showers have become a demand for all baths, since they are practical, fast and water consumption is reduced.

Among the suggestions we offer our clients when choosing a shower, is the most recommended option of a thick glass partition, as it adapts to the standard shower tray.

One of the most demanded options by our clients for their comfort, both to enter and leave, is a shower with a fixed glass screen. One of the options we are installing is a type of fixed screen up to 0.80m in length, with 6mm thick glass, suitable for showers up to 1.20m.

MASA opts on the design of the bathrooms according to the indications of our clients. We use anti-skid materials and national product so that the finish is optimal, integrating all the elements according to the needs of each house.