The most popular interior pavement among our customers


For all newly constructed homes in the Monte y Mar urbanization, our main material supplier is SALONI. Each client has the possibility to fully customize their home, each room, the bathrooms, in short; each home may be unique.

According to the preferences of our clients, we have compiled a selection of materials that have been our top sellers this year throughout our finished houses in Gran Alacant.


The PASS model is characterized by a natural finish and smooth relief. The most outstanding tonality is Gray PASS.


The material BERMEO offers a natural finish and smooth relief, in neutral tones such as BERMEO Gray and BERMEO Beige.


If you are looking for a finish similar to wood, the recommended model is HARDWOOD. It features a smooth relief with a natural finish available in Cream and Gray.


The MAGICWOOD model is similar to the aforementioned HARDWOOD, but represents a small mosaic in its relief. It can be found in two shades, MAGICWOOD Cream and MAGICWOOD Gray.

Our main goal is customers satisfaction, therefore, we provide information that is necessary to be able to customize and organize each corner, supplying every home built by MASA the best qualities available in the market.