The energy performance certificate



The current system requires for all new buildings the energy performance certificate, but What is it?, We want to provide all the information you need to achieve the energy consumption in new housing, achieving sustainable and protecting the environment.

What is the energy performance certificate?

First of all, this energy performance certificate is a recognized and recorded document at the General Register. It is drawn up by a qualified technician, it must include objective information about the energy needs of the property. To this end, it will qualify the annual energy consumption needed to cover the current energy demand, including the hot water consumption, heating, lighting, cooling and ventilation.

What is the energy classification?

After making the energy performance certificate, the energy label emission is produced. You will find the energy classification awarded on it. This classification is shown on a scale of 7 leters, Leter A the most efficient and Leter G the least efficient. This label emission must be renewed after 10 years.

Masa is awareness with regard to environmental sustainability, so we ensure that all our houses have this energy performance certificate.

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