The comfort of a kitchen with an island


The rooms of this house are chosen according to its function and practicality, in this case, we draw our attention to the island in the kitchen, which is perfect for small kitchens or making the most out of the space in the room.

What options does the island have?

The island can be placed from one corner of the kitchen furniture, considering that one side should be without a wall, highly recommended for U-shaped kitchens.

Another option is placing the island in the front of the kitchen, very typical in kitchens that are a straight line, incorporating an American style bar to eat or when one side is attached to a wall.

What are the advantages of having an island in the kitchen?

Kitchens that have an island are usually the most suitable for open kitchen formats that are integrated into the living room, since the same island serves as a space separator between both areas.

They create a sense of spaciousness and increases the surface area of the countertop.

A storage unit can be placed on one side of the island.

U-shaped kitchens usually lose a corner, but with the island you can take advantage of that space.

These types of kitchens are increasingly popular because of their aesthetics and practicality, especially a kitchen with reduced space. They are recommended for homes where the walls and partitions are avoided, and a clear style is sought after.

At MASA we seek the full satisfaction of our clients, highlighting the personalization of our newly constructed homes, where our clients can choose from a wide variety of options: independent kitchen, American style lounge, island or peninsula, always based on their preferences and needs.