The advantages of living in residential areas


More and more families are choosing to move to residential areas on the outskirts of large cities, such as the residential area of ​​Monte y Mar, seeking the multiple advantages they offer compared to the always bustling cities.

Buying a new construction house in Alicante or Elche involves moving to a quieter area such as the Gran Alacant area, directly connected to both cities and with easy access. Avoiding the stress of living in the center of a city, or simply improving the quality of life, are some of the reasons why residential areas have been gaining ground in recent years as an alternative to the city.

Nature at your footstep

Usually the residential area developments entail various benefits for the well-being and quality of life of citizens who are committed to this change, in the case of the Gran Alacant residential area, and specifically the Monte y Mar urbanization, one of the main Advantages is the proximity and contact with nature, through vegetation, beaches and coves or natural parks that border it. Likewise, the area is surrounded by public parks already completed or under construction, which always facilitate a healthier life where you can practice sports, or stroll along wide avenues lined in many cases with green areas or gardens.

Air quality

Breathing clean air is synonymous with good health and the air quality in residential areas is always higher than in cities. The decrease in traffic and pollution, the proximity of green areas and natural spaces contribute to a more sustainable way of life.

Open areas, terraces and more space

Living in a residential area usually coincides with the increase in the size of the house. We are not only talking about more interior square meters, but also in common areas, terraces, private gardens, plots or parking lots that contribute to create an ideal environment for coexistence with the rest of the members of the urbanization.

Peace of mind and security

Less traffic flows, the existence of parks and green areas, sports facilities, shopping centers, etc. It contributes to an improvement in the tranquility and safety of citizens, who do not require the use of a vehicle for any activity. They can walk around the area with the little ones without fear of the possible incidents that can occur in the big city. This not only affects the tranquility and safety for the little ones in the house, but also their health.

To sum up , living in an urbanization in a residential area can constitute a healthier life option. Masa has developed in recent years different areas of new build houses . These new constructions are  always located in  strategic areas, among which is the Monte y Mar development, a few minutes from the cities of Alicante and Elche and where residential and holiday homes coexist.