Summer trends 2020, do you know them?


We are always looking for new trends and what styles predominate the most in each season. During this summer we have seen that the use of terraces and gardens has increased, using all the uses that can be given to the outdoor area.

Before the end of summer, we want to collect the best ideas that can still be used well into autumn, thanks to the Mediterranean climate characteristic of our construction area. They are practical and bearable ideas in the style of each home, which can be perfectly adapted to our new-build homes in Monte y Mar.

Four key points in decoration that are trending this summer:

1. The cozy style is always a trend again

In previous posts we commented on the Nordic ‘hygge’ style, an option for all those who seek to create a comforting and very comfortable place in their home. This summer it is very popular to adapt the terraces to the hygge style, where you can incorporate all kinds of pillows and cushions in hammocks and sofas to create this concept. Accompanied by led lights, you can get a very pleasant outdoor area where you can spend cool and comfortable summer nights.


2. The star colors: green and terracotta

The plants have been a trend in the interior of the rooms for a couple of seasons. Abroad they cannot be absent either. In addition, the color green is here to stay and is one of the colors marked as a trend in 2020. Another of the star colors is the so-called terracotta. Both can blend very well and attract all eyes with earthy and natural colors.

3. The kitchen in dark tones

Only suitable for the daring. It is one of the most groundbreaking options of this year, the combination of dark colors in the kitchen, where they can be mixed with accessories or directly in the wall and cabinet lining itself. It is an option that leaves no one indifferent, but it is risky without hesitation.

4. Natural fibers

They are usually found in all kinds of decorations, especially textiles. It is a way to decorate and at the same time obtain a pleasant and fresh result, especially outdoors. The tablecloths that adorn the summer tables can be intertwined with the textures and fabrics of natural fibers such as cotton, linen and create a very modern table.

In our new builds in Monte y Mar, the latest architectural ideas are present to facilitate and take advantage of the useful space of the house, giving a Mediterranean approach based on modern and groundbreaking lines, with natural light being the protagonist through large windows.