Printed concrete, the best choice for finishing the plot


The last but no less important aspect when finishing a house is to determine the finish of the plot. On many occasions we are presented with different options, and one of them is concrete. Within the wide range of construction possibilities, printed concrete and its different applications come into play.

What is printed concrete?

Printed concrete is a type of concrete pavement to which a surface treatment is applied using the stamping system, creating the texture and coloring the fresh concrete.

It is a construction material where different elements such as cement, sand, gravel, water and some specific additives are combined.

Once combined, according to proportions and properties, a malleable material is formed with non slip characteristics and great hardness.

What types of design can be chosen for stamped concrete?

There is diversity in terms of printed concrete molds, among the most recommended and chosen by our clients are those listed below.

Spike. It is the style that is made up of a path of small bricks, distributed more or less evenly, forming a herringbone braid usually in light colors.

Wood effect. In this case, the design imitates wood, providing a finish full of elegance. Wood tends to wear out over time, so it is necessary to maintain it constantly (such as applying varnishes); however, concrete does not wear as easily, making maintenance less expensive.

Ashlar. Similar to brick but with tiles, it creates a typical effect of tiling on the walls, it can be more rustic or modern.

English stone. A mold is applied to the concrete that scratches the surface continuously, thus creating a uniform line on the flooring.

Some of the most practical and common colors are black, slate, silver, clay, tobacco, brown, tan, mustard, rust, cream, leather…



How long does stamped concrete last?

The durability and resilience over time is the best feature of this plot finish. Naturally, it can last for years with little maintenance, although it is recommended to add a layer of resin every 8 years to keep it in perfect condition.