New options for finishing in the shower; slate shower tray


We have incorporated a new material for the finishing of the showers since a few months ago, this is one of the customization options that we offer to our customers in the urbanization Monte y Mar.

It is a shower made of slate in one single piece, which adapts perfectly to the dimensions of the wet areas, although the showers are not uniform or have special dimensions. As main feature it stands out for the easiness in cleaning and maintenance because it has not joints. it is a single piece that can be adapted to any size.

The new model of shower tray that we propose is totally framed, with a non-slip granitic texture and central drainage. Its modern and minimalist pieces of high quality offer a wide range of possibilities.

The choice of suitable materials for the construction of a house is very important, especially in the bathroom. This new proposal, which we have already incorporated into houses under construction in the Monte y Mar urbanization, fits perfectly with the design and the architectural lines of the urbanization.

Once again, we choose among the best quality materials and suppliers to guarantee the comfort and efficiency of the houses we promote and market, facilitating our customers' maintenance and daily use.