Lighting for summer nights in your garden


With the arrival of summer, it is time to adapt the areas where we spend most of the time in these hot months, especially the most special parts of the house; garden and terraces.

We have selected some basic tips to get a pleasant and comfortable environment, for summer nights outdoors in Gran Alacant, an idyllic residential place where calm and tranquility reigns.

1. Lighting atmosphere

Either through LED bulbs, or lighting through solar panels, is something that should not be missing in any summer garden.

2. Taking advantage of the garden furniture

In some cases, the furniture has extra space where you can use light bulbs to give a warm touch to the environment.

3. Illuminate the landscape areas

It is a very simple technique to highlight the natural characteristics of the vegetation. Using them with stones around is a good option.

The houses that are currently being built in Monte y Mar, depending on the model, have a plot, terraces or interior yards. With the usual weather in Gran Alacant, the outer areas of the house are used throughout the year.

The terraces of our homes are ideal to take into account when choosing the decoration. One way to contribute to sustainability in the home is to use ecological decoration and take advantage of the tips on the choice of light bulbs to contribute to the environment as much as possible.