Ideas to make the lockdown more entertaining


We are living a a few days a bit confused and a dreadful expererince that hopefully ends soon. If something unites us is to think about the common welfare and the samples of responsibility and solidarity. So we invite you to #Stayathome while this situation lasts and take advantage of doing those things we never have time for. To make the day to day more bearable, we offer you a guide of recommendations to make the most of your time at home. After all, isn't our house that place where we often want to be?

Order the pantry, fridge and freezer and cook all your pending recipes

To avoid going out to buy as much as possible, we recommend rearranging all the food you have stored between the fridge, freezer and pantry. Surely you did not even remember any ingredient that was left in the background! Once you have everything, make a weekly lunch and dinner menu. It is a way to entertain yourself, organize time, save money and avoid going out for unnecessary purchases. And try toaccompany it with your best music playlists … we love to cook with our favorite songs!

Get back into the habit of reading

We know that today we have been abandoning habits such as reading a good book due to lack of time. It is the right time to resume those readings that we like so much. Do it near a window, with direct light from the outside, try to make it during the day in order not to waste electricity or suffer eye strain.

Don't forget to workout!

It is very important to keep fit. We know it is difficult to do it indoors, but it is necessary to clear the mind and not increase sedentary lifestyle. One of our tricks is to create a space at home with a mat or rug where you can workout properly.

Keep reading our blog…

As you may already know, we like to keep you informed through our blog. Ideas and decorative trends, tricks to save on the electricity bill, gardening tips and indoor plants, energy saving tips or tricks for personalizing your home. We invite you, therefore, to stay connected to our blog, review entries related to interests about your house or planning what you will do in the house you are waiting to enter to live.

From MASA we appreciate the big effort that we are all making and we want to encourage all the people who are working day after day in order to improve this situation as soon as possible.