Hygge: A state of well-being and happiness at home


Nowadays it is very easy to find different decorative styles. For a couple of years, the Nordic, hygge, neutral style has been a trend … surely this is not the first time you read it!

What is "hygge"

It has its origin in a Norwegian word that means "well-being", it is a lifestyle that allows you to live happily all year round. Hygge is that feeling of comfort and serenity that you experience when you are in that intimate or private place of rest.

Keys to adapt the home to the “hygge” style

It is a mixture of the Nordic style together with the Danish decoration. Both are characterized by simple decoration and avoid extra furniture and other items. In this way, a greater feeling of space is achieved. The most commonly used colors are neutral, in any of their shades to convey a sense of serenity and calm.

The hygge style adapts to the construction of the house through the use of large windows to receive natural light. The idea is to create spaces where you can feel serenity and tranquility.

All materials, furniture and accessories that decorate the house must provide warmth. These can be wooden furniture, rugs, cushions and blankets made of cotton, fluffy wool or linen. Armchairs or sofas, upholstered in leather, in soft and warm fabrics. Comfort is a priority in the hygge trend.

At MASA we seek the comfort of our clients, for that very reason, each room in the house can be customized according to their needs and preferences. In this way, if you are looking for a specific decorative style, when designing the rooms off-plan, the decoration process is easier and more dynamic.