How to prepare the pool after summer


The key for a clean pool is to have a chemically balanced water to avoid the creation of bacteria, algae, and general contamination.

During Autumn, winter and early spring with low temperatures it is advisable to check the water and its chemicals at least once every two to three months.

Even if the pool is covered it is necessary to properly maintain the water. This way the water is kept in good condition during the cold months for the following year.



1. Clean the pool, using a good brush and a descaling product if necessary. Scrub the walls properly and sweep, leaving the pool completely clean.

2. During the winter it is also important to keep the pH rate ​​between 7.2-7.6. To do this, it advisable to analyze and control the pH with specific products for it. If necessary, you can add a special device, until you achieve the appropriate parameters.

3. You should also do a shock chlorination.

4. Let the filter work.

5. After the first 4 steps, the next day add the most important thing, the product for winter. We recommend consulting with a swimming pool specialist to recommend the best product.

6. Let the filter work for 8 hours. This will ensure that the product is perfectly distributed in the water.  the next day a complete filter wash should be performed.

In moderate climates, it is recommended that the filter works periodically, whenever possible.

Above all, do not forget to cover the pool with a good tarpaulin, bearing in mind that it is important to add the wintering product every 3 months.



If the filter indicator is in the red band, the filter is saturated. It will be necessary to carry out wash.

In the Mediterranean it is not common to have torrential rains, but in recent years from time to time, the weather surprises us. For this reason it is important to bear in mind that in the event of heavy rain, a shock treatment with chlorine is necessary. After circulating the water for half an hour, the free chlorine and pH should be checked.

Don't forget that preparing the pool for winter is just as important as setting it up for summer.