How to fight the first heat wave of summer?


Due to the rise in temperatures in the coming days, as the media advances, -the first heat wave this summer-, it is important to know the preventive measures to avoid a heat stroke.

The measures to take into account transmitted from the Agency of Security and Emergencies of the Valencian Community towards the population are the following:

· Beware of the sun between 12 noon and 4 pm, avoid physical exercises in the hottest hours.

· The use of suitable protective creams

· Drink plenty of water, suppress alcohol and caffeine

· Take the utmost caution in vehicles, never leave anyone inside, nor pets.

· Extend the care with more sensitive, elderly, sick and children, ensure proper hydration.

· And finally, be alert to the regulations and recommendations regarding the prevention of forest fires.

From MASA commented in previous post on the blog, basic tips to use in housing and make the heat more bearable.