How to deal with telecommuting during these weeks


We would have not imagined this situation weeks ago and suddenly we had to adopt so many changes in our daily life, including working from home. We want to give you a series of tips that we consider handy in order to be productive.

1. Telecommuting does not mean having no routine

As you save time in travelling from home to your workplace it would be great to take advantage of that time to have a breakfast slowly. You will start the day with a different energy, sure!

2. Continue with your usual hours

It is important not to make major schedule changes, keep your normal routine and start the day by dressing. It may seem absurd, but this fact despite the fact that we cannot leave the house, it is better to sit in front of the computer dressed and avoiding pijamas. The attitude you will have when working will be different.

3. Take some time off

Pauses are essential for clearing the mind, eating and drinking water, as well as stretching the legs. Hydration and movement are very important. Do not take advantage of this situation to make a sedentary life, avoid it as much as possible with small walks down the hall or stairs at home every 90 minutes.

4. Use a space with natural and comfortable light

Normally, we spend an average of 8 hours a day in the office. The most practical thing is to find a place at home that is comfortable, where you have natural light and can spend the most productive hours of the day in front of the computer, answering calls and other necessary tasks on a day-to-day basis. It is important to have natural light as the eyes suffer in the absence of light.  In this way, you can also reduce the consumption on the electricity bill at the end of the month.

5. Set short-term goals and see them accomplished

Now that we have more time to think, plan and organize, it is essential to prioritize and see the importance of tasks. We recommend that you organize your goals at the beginning of the week so that you can meet them daily. In this way, the feeling of crossing out completed tasks will be an incentive to start and finish pending tasks.

Keep in mind to plan a schedule to start and end the day. If you also want to exercise at the end of the work tasks, you will notice the satisfaction of completing the day. 

We hope that with these simple tips you can carry out telecommuting in the best possible way. From MASA we think that #everythingwillbefine and that every day we stay at home is one less day of effort and struggle.