Fit out your house completely, extras and customization


The customization factor comes into play in all newly built homes, to give the home a very personal touch of distinction that adapts to the particular taste of each client.

At MASA we know how complicated it is to be able to satisfy everyone, that is why we have an extensive catalog of finishes and extras, where we give ideas to our customers providing them with the latest advances in the market of the new construction.

The first step is choosing the home that best suits the needs of each person. Later the customer can choose the construction model and afterwards they can choose the orientation among those that are available.

Once chosen, you can combine the interior and exterior customization, choosing the number of rooms, if you want the independent kitchen, incorporated in the living room or integrated as an open plan kitchen, the number of bathrooms and finally, the materials and extras.

In our wide catalog of extras, there are different kinds of finishing for the plot such as printed concrete, gravel, artificial grass, non-slip pavement, among others.

On the other hand, the extras belonging to the interior of the house include different rooms, such as high kitchen cabinets, extra storage enclosure to have a pantry, taps, unifying the oven column together with a microwave.  For the stairs, we have different handrails and led lights to decorate them.

Definitely you can customize new construction houses in detail., Our sales team is available at the sales office to answer any questions by appointment.