Find out the finishing for plots you can choose for your house


Many factors come into play when designing a house, especially if every room can be customized and adapted to the needs of each buyer.

From MASA we offer different finishes of the plot, giving you different ideas to have the garden of your dreams in your new built house

Printed concrete

One of the most popular finishes is printed concrete. As we indicated previously it should be noted that it is a suitable material for the floor with a pigmented surface and bas-reliefs. There are countless designs to decorate the plot, among the most popular we mention the forms of slate, stone and tiles.

Exterior flooring

Another option is to pave with different types of flooring suitable for outdoor use. It is an alternative to the printed concrete. We have different types of non-slip exterior flooring, especially if the plot has the possibility of adding a pool.

Artificial grass

Among other alternatives, you can also find the option of adding artificial grass to the plot, including tiles forming a path, stones simulating an oasis next to a fountain… the ideas are endless!

MASA's commercial department follows the design process of the plot, advising at all times on the finish that may best be according to the owner's idea. If you want more information, you can visit our sales office located in Gran Alacant and receive information about our new built houses.