Do you need more room? Choose the basement that suit you best


From the beginning of the works carried out in the Monte y Mar urbanization, the customers decide if they want to extend their house with an additional floor; the basement.

The option of having an additional floor to the house allows to gain useful meters in the distribution and have a room for guests, games room or study-office, among others.

In houses with the possibility for building a basement, there is the option of choosing between two possibilities:


Basic basement

 The technical characteristics of the basic basement include:

Structure made by external concrete walls

Concrete flooring,

Stair steps to the basement made of compact quartz.

Exterior carpentry with double glazed white aluminum windows.


Finished basement

In this case, the basement includes technical characteristics such as the following:

Top quality ceramic flooring and baseboard, trimmed and plastered on vertical and horizontal interior walls. White marble windowsills and steps finished with compact quartz

Plastic paint on walls and ceilings in white colour.

Staircase of the basement made of compact quartz.

Different light points and telephone pre-installation point.