Create your reading corner at home


If you are passionate about reading, a good library is a must in your home. It can be on shelves or in a display case, where you can easily see the titles of the latest books you have read.

Our recommendation is to adapt a small space in the cosiest room of the house to have a reading corner. It is very simple and with very few accessories you can create a pleasant corner where you can lose track of time with one of the best hobbies there is.

One main idea is to choose a corner where there is natural light, so that you can take advantage of the sun’s rays from the armchair, another essential element. This should be comfortable and stable, where you can guarantee great comfort to spend long moments.

You can accompany it with a small side table, where you can place a small blanket for the coldest days, a candle with a pleasant smell and why not, a plant to give more warmth to the corner.

These are some of our favourite ideas for arranging the books in your personal library.

By colour

One of the latest trends is to arrange the books on the different shelves by colour, creating a rainbow of books. It’s easy to remember the colour of a cover, so it will be very accessible when you want to look for a book.

Alphabetical order

Here you can choose alphabetical order by author’s name or book title. It is a good way to search through them to go back and reread a book you have already finished.