Commitment to our clients: Plan Vivienda+Facil


Aware of the difficulties we are going through due to the current situation resulting from COVID-19, MASA has launched a series of actions with the aim of helping our customers to overcome the current uncertainty, providing new solutions to the exceptional situation we are experiencing.

Families who intend to go ahead with the purchase of a new home, regardless of the current situation, will be able to join MASA’s Vivienda+Facil Plan from 1st May and for the next 30 days.

What does MASA’s Vivienda+Facil Plan consist of?

It is an action plan that includes different initiatives with the aim of contributing, as far as possible, to the domestic economy of our clients interested in acquiring a new home in the Monte y Mar Urbanization.

1. Reservation period with no obligation during the month of May

The first action included in the plan consists of opening a reservation period with no commitment on the part of the buyer to continue. In this sense, all customers who formalise the reservation of a new-build property during the month of May will have the option of cancelling it free of charge before 31 May.

2. Payment flexibility

In order to facilitate the conditions of access to the new home, the usual payment methods will also be changed to simpler and more flexible ones. We will study each case individually, providing alternative and personalised solutions for each client after carrying out an individual study.

On the one hand, we reduce by 15% the minimum delivery amounts for the formalisation of the purchase contract, and on the other hand, we extend the time between the payments that are usually stipulated, delaying the collection of the following payments.

In addition to making payments more flexible, we provide our clients with a team of financial experts who, completely free of charge, will help them to obtain the type of financing that best suits the needs of each client, taking into account their current needs due to the current economic and social situation.

3. Free electrical appliances in all properties

We have reached an agreement with the brand of electrical appliances New Pol to include free electrical appliances in all our property developments for those who make a reservation during the month of May.

Therefore, the homes that are booked during the month of May will be delivered fully equipped with free kitchen appliances: The pack consists of a fridge-freezer comby no frost A+ range, dishwasher with 5 washing programmes, washing machine with 5 kilos capacity ecologic system A++ range, oven with 5 programmes, induction hob, decorative extractor hood and a heating device with renewable energy system composed of aerothermal energy with greater energy efficiency. It is an A++ device, its electricity consumption is only 700w. The gas used in the refrigeration line is ecological. In case of leakage, it has no impact on the ozone layer, therefore, it has lower C02 emissions.

4. Home customisation at no extra cost

Over the next few years we will also eliminate the extra costs of removing or changing elements defined in the original technical drawings. This means that customers will be able to custom design their home at no extra cost. Measures such as modifying partition walls, sockets, light points, finishes, materials or distributions can be modified in all our homes without any increase in the final cost. The housing design process will be carried out in conjunction with the technical department and in compliance with the regulations and technical code.

For years, one of our challenges has been that each client can personalise their home from the beginning, from the first plan, which is why we offer the possibility of proposing changes and modifications until they reach their ideal home, but in addition, during this month there will be no additional cost.

With Masa’s Vivienda+Facil Plan, we intend to reinforce our commitment to our clients by adopting new solutions. We are strengthening alliances with suppliers and distributors and we intend to initiate a new working model that will allow our customers to benefit not only from these advantages, but also from new collaboration agreements from which they can obtain advantages simply by acquiring a home from MASA.

In short, we intend to make it easier for our customers to access their new home, making it easier for them to buy with the set of measures adopted.