Christmas decoration in your home


Christmas is just around the corner, it is time for the right choice of decoration for the interior of the house.

During these endearing days, it is usual to see ornaments in golden tones, silver and specially, white. They are colors that transport us towards the time of year when we gather in family and where the Christmas atmosphere prevails.

We collect ideas to give an extra Christmas touch to the house during the month of December.

Wreaths in the windows

It is usual to find Christmas wreaths hanging only at the entrance to the house, but this option is modernized and extended to the windows, with a very diverse range.

Candles and centerpieces

The choice of choosing candles and centerpieces in white, especially linked to the Nordic decoration, create a winter and comfortable atmosphere in the house.

Golden ornaments

When choosing decorations to wrap gifts, it is important to highlight its use. You can give double use, such as decorate the Christmas tree the following year or even corners of a room.

Lights and glass

The combination of LED lights inside a large vase, converts a simple sideboard into a striking and warm furniture. There are many shapes, from tiny light bulbs with dots, to geometric shapes and even with Christmas details like stars.

With these ideas, the Christmas decoration inside the house will be more bearable and with alternatives and proposals to surprise our guests.