Armoured doors, high security door in all our houses


The entrance door of a property is not just an aesthetic issue; it is an extremely important element that can tip the balance in one direction or the other when you buy a property.

We are not content just achieving the general market standards, we are betting for high quality and security materials. Currently, all the properties built in Gran Alacant have these reinforced doors.

This choice enabled us to improve noise insulation, wind-air and water resistance. Furthermore, it improves the insulation against the cold and heat and of course it increases your housing security, without compromising on modern style and aesthetic.

What is an armoured door?

An armoured door is a fabulous security door with steel door leaf and frame. The block is fully integrated in the structure; this is a fact which way does not involves the weakening in its construction.

Main features:

Locking mechanisms. Usually, the lock that we fit in this type of doors is considerated as one of the most secure in the market. Once you close the door, the look is automatic activated in front, lower, upper and lateral part.
Door hinges: have reinforcements that prevent and block the action of saw and leverage effect.
Frame and anchors: made from solid iron gate and the interior is completely made of steel, there is no points of vulnerability.
Security: This type of doors offers a higher security level as it has an anti-pull folds system.

Currently, all the properties that Masa builds are equipped with armoured doors; from our apartments AguaMarina, detached bungalows like Vision, semi-detached villas like Linda and of course, to our detached villas like Miró, Mies etc… Notably improving the insulation and security of your property.