Are you looking for property on the beach? Then follow these advices


Many of our customers choose our properties in the Monte y Mar urbanization of Gran Alacant (Santa Pola), as a holiday house where they can enjoy their free time and vacation. The warm weather and the advantages of the area and its surroundings all the year round are some of the reasons why our customers choose our properties.

Questions and doubts raised from customers are very common when choosing a holiday house. We would like to offer some basic tips with this post to help solve these questions. In the following lines, we will answer questions like: How do I choose my house on the beach? Which are key factors to choose one area or another?  Which are the most common mistakes we make when buying a new house on the beach?



We recommend taking into account a direct access to public transport (AVE, high speed train, plane or direct buses), and good road access. It is convenient to check the time to the destination and the connection between the main destination and our house.


It is important as well to consider having your own parking or public parking in the areas when buying a holiday house. We should add the time for searching parking of our vehicle, which on holidays can become a nightmare in highly populated areas.We always ensure at least one parking space per house, as we consider it a key feature.


Services of the area

We always recommend that areas where services operate 365 days a year are valued. Services such as; supermarkets, medical centers, restaurants, post office, pharmacies, appliance stores close to the property and open all the year is a key feature. It is important to have shops or shopping centers, restaurant and leisure areas, or green areas prepared for walking or cycling.

Security in the area

Many holiday houses are vacated most of the year, that is why we advise you to look for safe areas, with a high volume of residents who live all year round and with permanent services-. Try always to avoid remote areas or cities where there are no services all the year round.

Fixed costs of housing maintenance

We should not forget the fixed costs of the house, such as gas, electricity or water. It is important to take into account the average monthly fixed costs, community fees, water and elecatricity fees. Since the origin of our company, we have followed the same philosophy which is to create communities with the minimum expenses.

Properties easy to sell or rent

It is important to study the rental market in the area: think about the possibility of renting the house for extra income in periods that you do not enjoy it.


Regarding the weather, we cannot recommend a better option than the Costa Blanca with its Mediterranean climate. It is warm all year round with few rainfalls. It has an average of 300 days of sunshine during the year.


We hope these tips were useful for customers interested in buying a new property on the seaside.