5 tips to save energy at home


The energy saving is an important issue for people. Small decisions like change our consumption energy habits at home, improves the environment and home economics.

Today you can learn how you can save energy at home with these good tips.

Good bye to air loss

The aluminium enclosures at home are very important. Double-glazed windows with air chamber, Climalit or similar with slide thermally broke are ideal to prevent air leaks outwards.


Energy-efficient LED lighting

What would you choose: LED lighting or conventional bulbs?

LED bulb always should have special relevance at home. There are some long-term benefits.

Great economical savings, up to 90% less in your bill.

Long service life, approximately 50.000 hours than the 2000 hours with conventional light bulbs.

Protect to the environment and human health, do not contain mercury in the production process.

They are adjustable; you decide the intensity that you want at home.


Energy savings to heat water

Aero thermal energy has a very high performance. This will help to avoid unnecessary use of energy. It’s being able to get savings up to 75% on the electricity bill. It’s natural, non-polluting, renewable and inexhaustible energy.


Water saving

Drip irrigation is an increasingly applied technology which can reduce water usage by 80% compared to standard irrigation.


The household appliances A+++

The fridge is the biggest cost at home. That’s why choosing the A+++ domestic appliance improves the save energy.


We hope that these simple advices we offer you on energy saving are very useful.
From MASA, we are very conscious with the energy saving, reason why in our housings of new work we adapted these tips to have renewable infrastructures.