4 tips to fight the heat at home


With the arrival of summer and the high temperatures, the best option is spend time at home, in the pool or on beach. The house resists high temperatures, but is not always sufficient. Today we offer you four tips to cooling your home this summer.

Use plants strategically

The plants oxygenate the house and bring freshness. Among others, climbing plants such as ivy, placed on the outside wall, attract the sun and prevent it from entering the interior of the home.

Light colours

Using clear paints on the outside and on the interior walls, you can get extra freshness. You will also get more lighting during the day, saving on energy consumption.

Use awnings, blinds or curtains

More than 30% of the heat that enters the houses can be avoided by putting awnings, blinds or curtains. It is convenient to use light colours, so that it transpires the light but not the heat.

Keep blinds closed and doors open

When more fresh air enters the house is at first hour in the morning, a suitable time to ventilate the house for 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, in the hottest hours it is preferable to keep the blinds closed and the doors open. In this way, currents of fresh air are created; they serve to maintain the house with a temperature suitable to combat the high temperatures.

With these tips, we expect the heat to be more bearable. From Masa we think of sustainable construction, making houses acclimatized with insulating materials.