4 tips to beat the heat this summer


Due to the temperature rise of the last days, it is important to know how to manage the tools we have in the houses, so the heat wave is carried out in the best possible way.

One of the most effective options to insulate the house is the installation of windows with thermal bridge break, that is, double glazing to prevent the inner face and outer face of the glass from touching each other.
Due to its correct insulation, whether for summer seasons or for winter, the temperature of the home is better maintained.

However, as a precaution and preventive measures to carry out, we recommend the following tips that will make the high temperatures of these days more bearable.

It is convenient to close the blinds during the longest of sun exposure. In this way, heat is prevented from entering the house, and rooms stay cooler.
Fans and air conditioning are always an effective measure to avoid heat, so it is important to know that the ideal temperature for the interior of the house ranges between 24 and 26 degrees.
Plants with large green leaves refresh the room where they are located, as it absorbs the sun's rays.
The use of textiles helps to reduce the feeling of the heat wave inside the home. The lightest are cotton or linen. They can be used in sofa covers, cushions, tablecloths and bedding to provide freshness.
On the other hand, the possibility of visiting the pool and the beach more frequently is one of the best measures to combat the heat, avoiding the hours of higher temperatures and too long sun exposures.

With these tips, it will be a little easier to face the heat wave. From Masa we think of sustainable construction, making houses with insulating materials. We use elements that help reduce energy consumption, thermally and acoustically insulated, such as windows with thermal bridge breakage and mineral wool in the walls.